Late November progress report

Getting closer to having a date for surgery. The doctor's office advised they should have the January schedule by Friday- so we are either on it, or can be fairly confident it will be in February. But stuff is happening - Avery has her lung capacity test (required for surgery) on Monday morning and we go to Sick Kids on Tuesday.

I was hoping Avery would write about her upset at yoga last week, but I guess she is 12 -maybe her father can fill you in as he was there with her - what I got from the story was that Avery noticed her curve has gotten worse because they were doing some wall work, and previously she could do this stuff, but this time, she just couldn't. Since I like the silver lining for such things, I figure that a moment of personal recognition of the limitation at least makes all this talk of surgery not seem cosmetic or unnecessary in the eyes of the owner. 

According to the Ontario wait time website, the average wait for this surgery at McMaster is 243 days. At sick kids it was over 400. Perspective helps I guess.

growing up sucks(sometimes)

Growing up sucks. I wish we didn't have to grow up, because when you grow up everybody is always expecting you to try ten times as hard and never mess up. As you get older you have more responsibilities and alot more people look up to you. A lot of the time I wish That I could have stayed eight forever, so that I wouldn't constantly have to be making sure I didn't mess anything up, because when your older it seems that someone is always there waiting to criticize you every time you do even the smallest thing wrong. Teachers start telling you to forget stuff that's Been  nailed into your head since kindergarten, so that you can do it a way that's harder, you have to work out some things that other people have helped you with before on your own , and sometimes    I just want to sit down and cry.  Added to that I have to worry about getting surgery. That's going to take a huge chunk out of my life ,  i  mean, I'm not going to be able to do gym for a year, and I'm going to be off school for a month or more  so I'm going to  miss a lot if things, and my internal organs will be all messed up because they will have more room to go where they're supposed to go. All in all I don't really want to grow up but if I don't grow up I'll never get to drive a car, or get a job, or go to high school or university , or become a teacher like I want to. If you don't grow up, you miss out on a lot of new things, but if you do, your not supposed to do something's anymore, but you get to do new ones.

Princess pants👸