We have reading!

Last night when I went up to bed around 10:30 I noticed Avery's bedroom was still lit up - assuming she had fallen asleep with the lights on, I went in - but no, she was still awake READING! It has  even a month since she has had the focus to read anything, so this is a moment we have been waiting for. Shout out to her teacher for the gift of books as that was what she finally found interesting enough to pick and and keep reading I am sure by now that book is done.

Avery has been complaining of sore legs this week, and my non-medical assessment is that she really needs some better arch support as her knees are pronating  - so for now she is wearing her croc slip on sandals and we will see about something a little better - birkenstocks or mephistos, but we need it to get a little nicer out first I think.