After the appointment

So its after the checkup and we found out the date. Well more information than we had. We found out that the surgery should happen around January/Febuary so I will be able to have a normal Christmas. Yaaaay!😄 I can't wait till Halloween though, Im going trick or treating with my friend!oops off track. So anyways the doctor said that hopefully I'll be able to have my surgery in January/Febuary, and that I have to have an MRI on Sunday. For the MRI I have to not move a muscle for 40 minutes, and they figured that that would be hard for me so their going to give me special goggles so that I can watch a movie. Yaah! But seriously, I'm not even going to be allowed to itch my nose! I bet that would be hard even for the most patient person! So more descriptive date, MRI on Sunday, check up in January, and that's all. You've been caught up. I'll talk more later. Bye😀.

                Princess Pants👸