News! Results! And no, I wouldn't rip anyone's head off :p

So first thing, my dad was a huge help spending the night so he could take the dude to school, then he hung out here 'just in case the school called while we were away' which ended up being until nearly noon.

So on to McMaster. We arrived minutes before 8:00 (after getting lost. Perhaps we wil use the gps next time) to wait to get Pants' X-ray requisition - the receptionist let us in around 8:10 (I was totally pacing) and I budded in front of a brand new family there with their 5 day old baby. Jerk. I apologized - I was hoping to just grab the req and run over to X-ray, but we got fully checked in. Next time I will be more patient. On to X-ray, which was pretty uneventful and quick, then back to the clinic and we hardly sat down before we got called back ( I think I prefer these 8:30 am appointments for that, though the inconvenience with Dude needs to be balanced by my joy of not having to hang out in a hospital waiting room). We had a student doctor and a temperamental computer, so that stay was short, before we got sent back over for more X-rays in a bent over pose. We were back in the clinic and in front of the X-rays moments after returning to the clinic. There appeared to be progression of the curve, but the doctor didn't want to tell me  us what the number was (but I saw it written down as ~60) which is roughly 18 degrees more than the first X-ray - without the 1 cm wood block correction since March.

This appointment I felt like I was getting more information - things like: surgery will be in January or February. She needs to have an MRI. Ok, maybe my head was going to pop off without more information. The doctor even suggested we visit his medical office, you know, just to show our faces - so we did.  There we got a checklist with 6 things that need to happen before surgery. We told them that we would appreciate grouped appointments of possible so as to limit our travel. We were even offered paperwork for Ronald McDonald house, but I think we'll just do the drive and save that space for people who really need it.

And if that wasn't enough, by the time I was leaving the office tonight, we already had her MRI confirmed for this Sunday at 9:15 am - I mean wow! She doesn't even play professional sports.

So there. I feel like I know a little better what is coming and when it is coming. Avery seems ok, if not pleased that she will make it through Christmas before surgery - and with this schedule, should be mostly healed up by the time summer vacation rolls around.