2nd opinion

Yay! After 5 months of waiting, there was a letter addressed to the "parent or guardian of" from Sick Kids for the 2nd opinion appointment! Finally! But as this saga would have it, the appointment is scheduled for a day that I cannot be available. Andrew is trying to see if there is another November option that I could be there for, but I am doubtful - so here I am missing another appointment for work, but this conflict is not at my control and I am the only person who can tend to it. So I may miss it. My present question is, if this surgeon has PrincessPants as a patient, would they be planning for surgery now, or wait until she is in her teens?  I am not even sure which answer I would prefer, but we will have seen our surgeon by then as well. So I may ask the same thing if I don't feel I am getting a straight answer. So there, good and bad, but progress none the less.