17 days post-op

So here we are at the end of week 3 - seriously?  3 weeks? Well no, 17 days  but the end of 3 weeks that I have not been at work and the bulk of this adventure began. Avery's aunt was by yesterday and couldn't get over the difference from her hospital visit 2 weeks ago and now. And how tall Avery is! This 12 year old towers over her aunt, and that made Avery smile.

Since Avery  cleary does not need constant attention, I have been taking advantage of the time and exercising a little in the basement, well today Avery came down to hang out. Since I was at the balance game portion of my wii fit activities, Avery thought she might like to try as well. So she managed to do 6 minutes of activities, including deep breathing, basic step (which was funny to watch as she isn't so coordinated) and the soccer ball headbutt one. But then she needed to rest. I still think 6 minutes is better than no minutes, and she was very pleased with herself for having accomplished even that.

In other news, she is almost fully off the meds - she took one at bedtime last night, but hasn't had anything since. We'll see if she feels she needs the nighttime one tonight, but I think she could manage on Tylenol - how crazy is that?!? This kid's ability to heal astounds me.

One common theme we have noticed is that if she over exerts herself, she gets an upset tummy later in the day - but she is also quicker at excusing herself to lie down as needed.

So now that the mind fogging meds are leaving her system, I will continue to watch for those signs of readiness to start heading back to school - my avid reader has not picked up a book in weeks - mind you she also just started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, so I may have lost her for a few more weeks (she did wonder if these people all just signed consent forms so they could film them in the hospital and I explained they were all actors -then she mentioned how good those surgeons seem - had to explain that they are also actors...). She tries to sit up a little each day, but still prefers to be mostly, if not fully, reclined; but I think that will come along soon too.