Climbing stairs like a boss

Another productive day, though without a clear release order for tomorrow, but we are optimistic it will work out that way. The resident who was by today said physio just had to clear her, to which I replied that after she sprinted up and down the stairs, physio said they don't need to see her again, so I took that as cleared.

The steady flow of pee has finally tapered  off as the last of the surgery/iv fluid build - up has been passed, so we are at a much better walk frequency.

She still has no appetite, but tries to eat something each meal - I didn't even question her when she spit out the 'grilled chicken thigh' as it must have tasted like it smelled - so she agreed to some fruit loops instead. I would love to see her actually eat like she is hungry, but right now she finds the effort of sitting up and moving food from tray to mouth exhausting. There is always tomorrow.

The other accomplishment for today was leaving the ward on her own feet to the playroom and back - without stopping as she didn't think the chairs looked too comfortable.

So I think we just need some xrays and then we can leave, but apparently there is a process to that and it hasn't happened yet. We get asked by lots of people about the release plans and have to say we don't know. Maybe I will just tell them we are leaving tomorrow and see what happens.

Here's to hopefully a more restful sleep for both of us.

All flushed out

Just a quick update from evil night 6 on 3 B.  Avery found it impossible to get comfortable in her bed, and just when she would settle down, the urge to pee would hit - like every 97 minutes - so we'd get up to take care of that, then spend 80 minutes getting comfortable... you get the idea.

At 4:00 she thought I was sleeping too soundly, so she decided to just go to the bathroom by herself. Like got out of bed, slippers on, all by herself. Unfortunately for her, she dropped her gown on the floor and I jumped up to find a nearly naked Pants just standing there. That wake up worked out as she was due for the 4 hour pain meds, and I had asked that if she was (finally) sleeping to skip that dose.

So far this morning (let's say morning started around 7) she has been down the hall to the washroom three times, nibbled some breakfast, sat in her chair for an hour and is back in bed waiting on the physiotherapist and x - rays.

I am still holding out for a nap, so my uber comfortable hospital cot is still in bed form (it converts from a chair).