The Hard Part Is Going To Be Slowing Her Down

So we had a big birthday party for our niece who just turned two and were also celebrating a couple of upcoming birthdays (mine and my sister's). Our niece weighs in at 25 pounds and partway through the afternoon Pants comes upstairs carrying her cousin. Jodi and I had to explain to her that this was not something she should be doing until she received clearance from the doctor. It upset her a little bit and speaks to how good she's feeling and her desire to "get back to normal" as well as help out whenever she can, but until we hear from the surgeon it's best if she just takes it easy.

That was Sunday. On Monday Pants had her very first solo cab ride on her way home from school. Jodi drops her off in the morning and she stays for two or three periods (60-90 minutes) and then she takes a cab home. Everything went just wonderfully except for Tuesday when the taxi never showed up. She spent a good hour longer at school than she had planned. When I called her to see how she was doing the sounded very anxious and admitted that she was really starting to not feel well and just wanted to lie down.

The cab got her home eventually and we've not had any problems in the two days since, so that's good news. Pants started doing some homework as well but we keep having to remind her to do it instead of lounging around reading or watching YouTube videos. She likes schoolwork (except math) so it shouldn't be too long before she's back in the groove from a learning standpoint at least. Hopefully she will add another half an hour onto her in-school time every week and get back to full days by the time the snow melts (if it ever melts!)

That's all for now. Pants is doing really well and we go back to see the surgeon on the 13th (my birthday).

~ Dad