My side of the story

It all started when my brother kept itching at a mole. He was itching at it so often that mom decided to take him to the doctors. I didn't go with them so I don't know what happened, but when they got home mom asked me to bend over and touch my toes. I couldn't touch my toes but she got what she wanted, to see my back. And what did she see? A big fat curve.

                                                             Up Till Now
              So this is what happend from when we found out to right now on October second.
You already heard the story from my mom but here it is from me. So my mom comes home from the doctors with my brother and asks me to bend over and touch my toes so she can check for scoliosis. I couldn't touch my toes but I was still bent over enough for her to see the BIG CURVE in my spine. I'm still bent over and she's calling my dad over to see it, just to make sur shes not imagining it. And what do you know? She's not. I have scoliosis (BTW's SCOLIOSIS SUCKS!). So now you now my side of the begining. My mom  has already told the rest so I don't need to tell you again. But here's a tip, One of the things I've been thinking every so often now is "I can't do it anymore, I just can't. I wish I didn't have to worry about this anymore. I wish I never had to worry about this!" And yes I bet every one with scoliosis wishes they never got it, but really there's nothing you can do about it except have the surgery so, I deal with it and remind myself that after the surgery I'm gonna be 5'7! But that's only my way of copping with it, find your own way to make it not so bad and DON'T LET IT GET TO YOU!
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