Ten Days, Two Inches

I went back to the office on Monday so that's why you've seen so many posts from Jodi over the last while. Jodi's taken a leave of absence to stay home with Pants for the next month while she recovers. I get to work. So it goes.

I don't have a whole lot new to update you with except to say that Princess Pants continues to exceed every expectation. She's walking with a bit more confidence every time she goes for a stroll or up and down the stairs. She can get in and out of bed on her own. Even her appetite is returning, albeit slowly.

Avery promises to write a post soon to let you all in on the events of the past week from her perspective. Please be patient as pretty much everything she does is exhausting and typing out a big post will drain her.

In the meantime, I took some before and after photos and put them together side by side so you could get an idea of the difference. I flipped the before picture so the lines would line up a bit better so imagine her bent the other direction for the pic on the left. Also, this is far from precise. I didn't get the angles and distances quite right so the proportions weren't perfect. Nevertheless you get a really good idea of the difference.

Left: Before surgery (Jan. 18). Right: After surgery (Jan. 28)

For those who many not have seen it in a previous post the difference in height is 5.5 cm (or roughly 2 1/4 inches). Pants now stands at an impressive 168.3 cm (5' 6.25").

~ Dad