Adventures in pharmaceuticals

Tomorrow is supposed to be Avery's 3rd and final Eprex injection. Supposed to be. Andrew ended up getting the groceries yesterday - I don't even know why, but as a result of it not being me, nothing triggered a stop at the pharmacy.  A few hours later, I asked him, and of course he did not stop - and I thought at that moment that I should call them to make sure all was good as we had some challenges last week - but it slipped my mind. I had planned to pick it up today, so after some adventures in hair dye, Avery and I went out at 4:30 - noting the pharmacy closes at 5:00 so it needed to be our first stop.

We went to the pick up counter, and asked for her script, pointing out it is refrigerated. Nothing. Not even a non-prescribed one like last week. So I speak with the pharmacist. I explained that when I picked it up last Sunday, I ordered the refill for today. I spoke with both the pharmacist and the tech. The tech even took part of the script print out 'to make sure the details are correct'. 

The pharmacist (who has been our pharmacist since 2000) was very upset. He called every pharmacy in the city, but as my experience showed 2 weeks ago, no one had this drug in the required dose. He then called his pharmacy rep and pleaded with her to get someone over to the warehouse. In the end he asked for my cell # and promised to text me once he had confirmation. 

I got the text at 5:47 stating that the courier will be delivering the needle around 8 ( and the pharmacist will be in an hour early to get it) and he will text me once he has it in his hands tomorrow. He apologized again and thanked me for my patience.

So it will all work out. Just like this whole surgery thing will.