We're in the 21st Century, Right?

It's not like we're just into the 21st century or anything. We're almost a full fourteen years into it and in trying to get Avery a second opinion with one of the most technologically advanced paediatric hospitals in the country what do we receive? A letter. Mailed to us with a stamp on it and everything.
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In spite of the fact that I had left specific instructions with an actual human that I would like a phone call so that we can avoid any back and forth about times that work we get this letter. As Jodi mentioned, of course it's for one of the few times when she simply cannot make it. There wasn't many, but this was one of them.

So I call them back at the number provided in my mimeographed form letter and get voice mail. I left a message. The next day I call back again and have to leave another message. That afternoon I get a call back! It's someone asking about why I called and how they could help me. Strange, I was clear in my message I wanted to see if we could reschedule the appointment. "Oh! If you want to change your appointment you have to talk to [this other lady]! Let me transfer you." Voice mail. *sigh*

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I leave a message. No response for the remainder of the day but lo and behold they called me back this morning! Turns out they can change the appointment but the doctor is only in once a week for this sort of thing and they're booked right up for a while. December 2nd is the earliest next appointment. Done. Good. Now let's move on, shall we?

Meeting with Avery's surgeon on Monday. Going to go over some things with her on the website he recommended and see if she has any questions. I know I have a big list of them piling up. I'm sure you'll see a few updates from us Monday afternoon / evening.

~ Dad

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