Last hospital day :D

Night 7 was by far the best one so far. Pants fell asleep before 9 and woke up around midnight for a bathroom trip - but this again worked out as midnight is a med round. She fell almost immediately back to sleep and woke up again around 3:30 for a quick trip down the hall, then climbed right back in to bed and was asleep again before I had her covers pulled up. She slept until 6:30 and then decided it was morning.

I had a tepid shower in the family shower unit. Refreshing!

Xrays have been completed - though Pants really did not like the process, mostly because the wheelchair did not support her head and that made it hard for her to focus. I stood behind her for a bit and let her lie her greasy hair on my belly. The orderly was taking too long so I brought her back up to the ward by myself.  We walked past the main entrance and she was quite happy to feel the breeze coming through the doors.

Her new nurse has said there is some sort of hair washing apparatus that can be brought in, so hopefully we can get that taken care of as she is still another week away from being allowed to shower.

Andrew is getting the house set up - we think the lazy - boy on the main floor is out best interim solution, though for the past 2 days she has preferred to be flat on her back. The fireplace living room gets some normal tv plus the netflix so it maximizes her watching options and is beside the kitchen.

So now we wait. Hair wash, doctor visit and release orders. Next update from home :)

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  1. That is awesome, "No place like home". Look forward to the updates.