Overwhelming Show of Support

So we're down to just a few days before surgery and on Thursday Pants had her last day of school. Before we get to the awesomeness that was Thursday let me first say that the support that we have received from friends, family, colleagues, and their friends, family and colleagues has been overwhelming. However people have chosen to put wellness, love, and positive thoughts into the world, they have done it in spectacular fashion. There have been prayers, cards with wonderful thoughts, iTunes and Chapters gift cards, a pat on the back, a genuine smile, hands to hold, and  lots of hugs. Overwhelming. Oh, and there were tiaras.

Tiaras? Yep, because our daughter whom we affectionately call Pants isn't just Pants. Her official nick name is Princess Pants - her name actually started out as Princess Paloney Baloney but has since evolved - the point being she's our little princess and princesses wear tiaras (duh!)

We decided as a family to pull Pants and a couple of her friends out of school on Friday so we could take them to Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park for a bit of fun. The surgery is on Tuesday and we weren't about to make her go to school on the Monday so that made Thursday her last day of school before the surgery.

For her last day of school before surgery Princess Pants decided that she was going to wear a tiara - just because she could. Her two Great Wolf Lodge friends, in a show of support, also decided that this should be a thing and agreed to wear one as well. Before too long the teacher found out, and then the rest of her class, and what they did brought a tear to my eye.

The whole lot of them, even the boys, donned tiaras for a class photo!

Unfortunately I don't think I can post the photo here as we didn't get permission from all the other kids' parents to put their picture on the internet but I can tell you that it's truly a beautiful sight.

Thanks to those who provided some headgear, thanks to her class for being such a great bunch of kids, thanks the teachers for going along with it, thanks to her friends for being such great friends, and thanks to everyone for being so supportive.

~ Dad

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