She Walks!

We have had a great night / morning. Pants woke me up a few times asking for water and only gave me minimal grief when I said she had to sleep instead of watching TV.

When morning finally came she was feeling good and ate a whole apple and finished her apple juice. The first substantial amount of real food she's eaten since Monday night (though she did manage 1/3 of a piece of peanut butter toast yesterday).

The physiotherapist came by at 9am and Avery was still digesting so she asked that she come back in half an hour. When she returned we took a few minutes to get every standing up and then it was out into the hallway with her. She walked out about 8 feet and then walked about 6 feet back and has been sitting in a chair for almost two hours now. She's positively exhausted from such a busy morning.

Her whole class video called shortly after her journey to the hallway and back and when they all heard she had taken her first steps they erupted into applause and cheering. Brought tears to my eyes.
She's resting now and we're just keeping an eye on her abdomen. The drugs work a number on the GI system and we want to make sure everything is okay there. Hopefully the neck IV comes out today too.

That's it for the morning of Day 3 of post op. I have lost all sense of time.

~ Dad

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