T minus 13

We saw the surgeon today - the last time before surgery. Avery got in some bonus round x-rays and measured in at 62°.  Today's x-rays took forever - or about an hour, but I am certain we have never waited longer than 20 minutes - I mean we took so long, the surgeon came in to x-ray to find us.

We had time for a few questions, and then the surgeon stopped us to ask about Avery's injections, to which we all looked at him a little puzzled. Turns out ideally she would have started these Eprex injections a couple of weeks ago to help stimulate her red blood cell and bone marrow growth in advance of her surgery. So we left with a prescription and instruction to start this today with her family doctor, and if that wasn't possible, to head back to Hamilton tomorrow so he could do it.

I should have realized that this was not going to be easy by that offer. I was driving, so I had Andrew call the nurse to ask if this could be done. When she called back, it was a little special, and is normally administered in a hospital, so she needed to get clearance to do it. After we got home, she called back and said they could do it at 2:50 today. This was at about 2:00.

Next up, I thought perhaps I should call and confirm if the pharmacy had some. I called ours - no go. I called the Shopper's down the road - no go. I called the other pharmacy down the road - no go, but that pharmacist atleast had a suggestion, so I followed it. Success at the Preston Medical Pharmacy! Though there was no way we were going to make it to the doctor's office for 2:50. 

In the end, we made it by 3:45, including a stop for cat food and to our normal pharmacy to transfer the script over so the next week's dose isn't such an adventure. She was called in almost immediately, and as fate would have it, the nurse who was administering the drug had spinal fusion surgery just last year. She did she'd be the one giving her the needle next week too, so if Avery thinks of any questions, she should just bring them with her.

And as the day ended, my MiL came by to bring Avery a prayer shawl. 

T minus 13.

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