Tales From The Ward

So Jodi sent me home yesterday afternoon. I got home about 30 seconds before grandpa came home with The Dude and he was thrilled to see me. Unfortunately I was beyond exhausted and only got to spend a few minutes with him before crashing. I managed to get up and go with him to bowling practice, so that was nice.

After a pretty good sleep I checked in with Jodi to see how our super star princess was doing. She slept but nurses come in every couple hours to poke and prod so her sleep is fragmented. Jodi didn't sleep much as there's alarms that go off constantly and just a lot of activity on the floor in general. I'm back at the hospital now and Dude is coming to visit with grandpa after school. Jodi will go back with him and I'll be staying here. 

They stopped her background pain meds (a constant stream to supplement the morphine pump) so it's just the pump now. I don't see her hammering the pump button all the time; it's usually lit for a while before she hits it, so that's good.

She just rolled over onto her side, mostly on her own. I can tell she's not super comfortable but she's calm and relaxing reasonably well so that's good. Just waiting for another visit from the physiotherapist and the nurse (on her regular rotation).

Not a very exciting update, but honestly, I'd be perfectly okay with only posting ones like these from now on. 

~ Dad

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