Hi! Nice to talk to all you guys again. I'm healing up quite nicely and I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I've been a bit distracted with everything else but I'm gonna post about all that right now.

The first thing I remember after coming out of surgery is my parents saying it was 9 o'clock. The next thing I remember is getting a popsicle because I burped which I felt stupid but apparently is actually really important . The next thing after that that I remember is standing up and walking to the washroom. That also seemed to be quite special to everyone else and I understand because that one was also a big deal to me. Right then I could feel how difficult it was going to be to do everything else and I had to do, like walk upstairs, sit upright for a long periods of time and get out of bed without handles to help. It was right than that I really realized how drastic what they had done to me was. For goodness sake, I had 27 screws and two metal rods in my body and they expected me to be able to touch my toes, put on socks and shoes, and live like a normal person. I was terrified, but at the same time I was amazed at how much I could already do.  I could already get up. I could walk a little bit and I could go to the washroom. That all may seem really small and insignificant to you guys but it all seems so big at the moment. It all seems so important.

I hope you can learn from my words, and I hope that you never have to do what I had to do.

Thanks for reading,
               Princess pants👸


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