I'm going to school!

hi there. I'm back and I'm here to tell you about all the exciting adventures I've had since we last talked talked. First we try to go to the pedicure place but I got a little bit scared so we ended up not going, then the next day I went to visit my school. It was realy fun getting to see everyone! The teacher even brought donuts! A couple hours after that we went to the pedicure place and got our nails done,but they took a little longer than we thought they would, so we were a little late picking my brother up from school.two days after that I went to visit my moms work for a baby shower and pizza. That was also realy cool. I sat up for about half an hour, but then I had to take a walk. After the walk I realized that I realy needed to lie down, so we left to go home. But what I really wanted to talk about was tomorrow.  Tomorow I get to go to school. I mean actually go to school, not full time but just for a little bit. We're hoping for an hour but we might only get half an hour or so. Still it's realy exciting! Have a nice day!

                       Princess pants👸

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  1. 10 minutes, 20 minutes.... It doesn't matter it's what you make of the time while you are there.... Have fun :-)
    Love following this blog