Post-op Night 3 and What's On Tap for Day 4

Last night the nurse was wearing a Batman t-shirt. She's been my favourite so far :) Avery took her Tylenol and long acting oral pain meds (only 3 pills) and then hit her morphine pump. A couple minutes later she started talking in her sleep, "When's the next course?"

"Four hours sweetie. Batman will be back in four hours."

I had a dream that a couple friends had me over for dinner and instead of offering me a regular bottle of wine they took out this wine bottle that had a peel back side. They lay it down on the counter, took a bread knife out and slid it through this lengthwise opening, and cut me off a slice of fish. I think it was a Northern Pike Grigio.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if maybe Batnurse wasn't slipping me some of the good meds in the water she brought for me.

Pants had a rough night. She couldn't get comfortable. Also, one of her IVs was leaking (down her arm this time, not into her arm) so she probably wasn't getting her full dose when she hit the PCA button. They got her IV switched over this morning and hopefully that will improve things. We need her to hit the machine less so she can transition to oral meds (a requirement for going home) but she needs to also manage the pain so she can do her physio. It's a balancing act that she hasn't quite figured out yet.

Today we are going to focus on getting her eating more and walking more. The surgical resident figures she'll be standing on her own comfortably enough by Monday so they can take some X-rays. Her goal for today is to get up and walk twice and by the end of the second trip travel almost three times farther than she did yesterday. 

Aunt Stacey will visit too with a possible appearance from The Dude (who misses his big sister) so it's going to be a full day.

Jodi's going to tag me out after The Dude's bowling and I'll go home and get some proper rest before coming back later tonight.

~ Dad

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