Out for a ride

Again it seems like nothing of  major concern has happened since the last update, but today it was finally a nice day, and Andrew cleared out of the garage and brought all the bikes down - and Avery just couldn't resist  so she went out for a little bike ride! I stood in the driveway the whole time, eagerly wanting to see her come around the corner on her bike. Her brother zoomed  down the street  and a few moments later, there was Avery - sporting the best posture ever and a smile that could have generated light. Quite honestly, it brought a tear to my eye.

She is up to over 4 hours a day of school, and adding a little more every week. Really, her recovery is going as good if not better than expected. I think Andrew noted a month ago that the hard part is going to be slowing her down. 

She was a little upset last week as we had our first thunderstorms of the season - she texts us every day to say she got home from school ok. Thursday's  text included a note about how she was afraid she was at risk for lightning strike due to her new hardware...

And I suppose we passed another milestone - Andrew and I went out in the evening and didn't have a second thought about leaving Avery with her brother. Last month he (ha, both Andrew and AJ) would not have been okay with that as she was still getting too tired and needed to rest, but no one linked an eye at it last night. Oh how wonderful life is these days.

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