The one where going to McDonald's makes me cry

Today is McHappy Day and we will be going. It is possible I will make multiple visits. On any normal day, this is not anything I would do - we maybe have McDonald's a half dozen times a year, normally on the road or otherwise in a pinch. But today we are going for McHappy Day, and that means the money will be going to support the most wonderful, amazing, kind services of the Ronald McDonald Houses (RMH) and other children's charities. 

I don't know how much we discussed RMH in relation to Avery's surgery, but there is one just across from McMaster. We were provided an application form, I even filled it out - but the idea that we might take a room from a family who was dealing with something worse than back surgery (major back surgery, but we knew she would be coming home once she was able) made me feel bad. Plus, we were something like 2.4 km over the minimum distance - and Dude was going to be home. What I didn't know until day 2 at McMaster was that there is also a Ronald McDonald House room, which has comfortable furniture, always hot coffee and other snacks and food (and aside from the coffee, none of it was from McDonald's ). This room was a godsend. This room had hot tea and fresh fruit, and just a place to sit that didn't have beeping monitors and call button alarms. This place was an oasis in the middle of the hospital, and I for one will do something as trivial as buy a Big Mac - maybe twice - to help make sure that room and the RMH are forever available for people who need them.  I really hope you never need them.

And one other little plug - whatever politics you may feel about blood donation - the blood bank always needs your help. You know Avery needed 15 donors worth of blood. You might have a friend who has had cancer treatments and needed blood. If you can, please donate. My Princess needed it to safely make it out of surgery - if you could help another parent say the same thing, wouldn't you want to?

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