We've been at the hospital for 24 hours. Let me tell you that the first 12 hours were a cake walk compared to the 12 that came after and the 12 that are ahead.

Extubation happening this morning. Hopefully the fever is under control. Jodi stayed in the room and got a bit of sleep after a couple bouts of excitement. I grabbed a couple zzz's on some chairs. Princess Pants is strong and fighting. Some good kicks and resistance to the nurses (trying to keep her tube in). 

No machines are beeping at the moment. This is a good thing. The sound of the ventilator overpowers the quiet room. I'm afraid to move and upset the Feng Shui.

Something just beeped and woke Jodi up. The nurse came in. One of the many bags of something feeding her medication was due for anorher dose. It was the sedative. They'll be waking her up soon.

I'm going to get a coffee and brush my teeth.

~ Dad

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