What a difference a day makes

I am not sure I even have the words for the difference between now and 24 hours ago - or for that matter,  even 9 hours ago. Watching Avery healing with such ease and grace has just lifted a world of worry off my shoulders. As late as 9:30 this morning she was still intubated and hysterical any time she came to (understandably). Her eyes were swollen shut and she had so many iv's in.

Now, she can talk - almost audibly, eat and roll from side to side. She watched a movie and decided it was time for bed - I may soon join her as I am spent and I doubt it will be a truly restful night.

I wandered in to the Ronald McDonald House room on this floor - free coffee and snacks until 11. Colonel Sanders adorns the wall outside of 3 B and in the hall one of the wings is sponsored by Walmart.

And lastly for tonight's ramblings, the hospital is selling a stuffed something and neither Andrew nor I were certain what it is - possibly a pig with horse legs :)

Thanks for hanging in here with us, I don't think we can articulate how much your collective support has helped us get through these last 36 hours.


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