4:32 am from the Pediatric ICU

Avery needed this surgery. It wasn't cosmetic, if it wasn't done, she would have possibly had difficulty breathing, and it would have impacted her for her whole life. But I have to tell you, seeing her in the Pediatric ICU hooked up to monitors and a ventilator and looking like she has just lost a boxing match is making feel sick. She is heavily sedated and her wrists are tied down to the bed so she doesn't pull the intubation tube out. I am up now because there was just a flurry of activity because she is running a fever, so the nurse wanted to giver her some Tylenol and flip her over to her left side.

To survive the surgery, Avery not only needed the blood donation Andrew provided,  but 3 or 4 times what he was able to give. So I will once again echo the sentiment - if you can, please give blood. If it wasn't for the generosity of strangers, she might not be lying beside me right now.

I kicked Andrew out of the room to try to get some sleep in the family lounge, and I have checked on him twice and he seems to be getting some sleep  I am glad, because tomorrow when they extubate her,  we are going to need all outer strength, emotional and physical to help her recover.

I did, however see her eyes slit open for a second, and she was kicking and flailing when the nurses moved her, so there is one big sigh of relief - all her bits work :)    

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