Through the woods, but not quite out of them

Surgery lasted an hour and 18 minutes longer than planned. That was a stupid long extra 78 minutes to this already seriously long day. And then it gets worse. We still haven't seen her. Her surgeon has been by and said all the reassuring things the surgeon is supposed to say, and the receiving Pediatric ICU nurse did a debrief. The debrief included letting us know Pants is allergic to something she came in contact with today, so she is covered in hives, but as she is still intubated, her breathing is fine. She also advised that her pee is green from the drugs that are keeping her unconscious. She will be kept out for 24 hours - that too seems like more than I was planning on, but if that is what she needs, I am all for it. She also told us her eyes are swollen shut from being face down all day, that we were told about - I'll let you know how it really is when we see her.

So now we wait. Anxiously. Another waiting room, another wait.

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