passing the time. lots of time.

We are on to the 2nd shift of hospital volunteer in the OR waiting room. And down to 3 people waiting, though 2 of the are the other parent/person waiting. I asked the hospital volunteer when her shift was over, as the morning lady told us it would be before Avery is out of surgery - she kindly offered to stay after her shift so we could eat a little later (this almost made me cry) as she lives both close and alone, so she really didn't mind.  Oh the dilemma.

I tried to update Avery's classmates - though I am not sure that a few of them still don't think it was Avery just speaking about herself in  the 3rd person.

Time passes very slowly here. But my step count is over 5k :)

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  1. Between the stress and the pacing, just think of all the weight you're losing!