More Than Halfway?

If all goes as planned we're more than halfway through. Here are some random thoughts:

- I've lost count of the number of people who've already come and gone from the waiting room.

- There's a big clock on the wall that I glance at every now and then too. By "now and then" I mean at least once every 2.5 seconds. 

- We're not asking the OR for updates. Instead we're taking the no news is good news approach. Business as usual for the experts.

- I managed to eat some lunch and read lots of comments on Facebook.

- Just noticed that my hands are freezing but my pits are sweaty.

- I ate peanut M&M's (because The Dude is at home and I'll be here all day and night) and they were absolutely fantastic!

- Our friend Pete changed his profile pic to him wearing a tiara. Pete is awesome.

- Our friend Jay called while away on business just because he figured I'd need a distraction (he was right)

- There is this really long empty hallway around the corner. It's a little creepy.

That's it for now. Another update to come when there's an update to give.

~ Dad

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